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In court with the current conqueror

we can laugh about the others. “He

doesn’t look like he takes care of

himself,” said Alfred of Paul. Later,

cruelly, “he is a child and an asshole.”

Of another is pronounced, “he is a 

twat.” Preferences in neckties, in music,

in authors, these are all called forth

and sharpened as weapons before 

the eyes of the glad traitor, who despite

the vicious gleamings is never struck 

dumb, who holds like a key inside of her

the store of raw material. Memories 

under heat and pressure turn into

diamond, the hardest thing there is. 

She knows whoever is most often 

made a fool is in fact

owner of the throne. 

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Theory of Beauty #1 (Adrian)

Hands behind his head and broad back to the bed, 
you he said make me feel strong, only to correct
himself graciously, pardon me: stronger

I have examined creatures up close and from far away. 
Some are made of brick and others of gold; I look at him
and imagine how the ancient civilizations invented god.

Temples were made by slaves like me. Greater women
have knelt to smaller altars for weaker desires. Temples
are made by slaves like me, in the service what they know
is not religion but unassailable truth. Blessed be my rock,
wrote the prophet, exalted be my God. The bigger the belief,
the stronger the foundation, the longer may it live.

There are building blocks to your age-old beauty.
It comes in bulk. Baptize me. 

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