You want to build an elevator for outer space, with which a man,
hand over hand, could pull his ungrateful body from the earth’s

hold and onto the moon. You want to design a lunar home, give it
a hydroponic garden and a viewing deck. You want, you said,

to make me blush. I’ll take zero gravity, I’ll take the reddened
cheek, I’ll take the seat beside the oxygen scrubbers but really

all I want is to plant kisses on you and watch them bloom.

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5 thoughts on “TWFTBWTBS:

  1. fireflights says:

    OMG Let this be a sign that you’re back, poem-a-day! 🙂

    • softfloors says:

      I’ll try, N! Y’all gon’ have to bear with my fumbling attempts to get back on my feet. Case in point, the poem above!

  2. Ganda. Maganda talaga.

  3. Carina says:

    I love this a lot.

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