Soon I was ten pounds lighter, soon
I had never needed seventh grade.
The lies grew until they became true.
Soon I was light in step and deft
in spirit, owned a tract of land in
Greece. All I had to do was demand.
Queen of the mind, keen of eye,
chiseling truths into their sharpest
possible point. I walked through the
night market even as I walked home
from the bar, I walked barefoot on
hot sand, because it sounded good,
not bland, and then I floated instead,
honed a knack for rhyme and none
for reason, as the world shifted
and frayed at my word. Entire years
became moments, moments became
monuments, in the midst of which I
built a glass house. Hail, queen
of the mouth, defender to the death.
Soon I was my own mythology,
bigger than the dragons of childhood,
everywhere like the fears of the old,
faster than time and as relentless,
forcing myself down the throats
of multiple histories until I curled up
in the soft clay of truth as the undeniable
stone. The lies grew until they became
true, sooner or later, I loved only you.


4 thoughts on “TNTLYSMFBD:

  1. belz says:

    Good. Such an easy cadence.

  2. giancantdance says:

    fuck. ganda.

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