The following poem is composed of fragments copy-pasted from Mr. Niccolo Rocamora Vitug’s critique of the latest issue of Heights. All words appear in the order he has written them, but since there have been omissions, I suggest you don’t read this as a summary of his thought. His note has been published in full here and I would like to think of this as his poem.

A Critique of Chroma
Niccolo Rocamora Vitug

Will I be causing unnecessary distress?
    Will sharing my thoughts contribute to a greater awareness,
        or cause more misunderstanding?

What is this excellence for?
    What does this have to do with the capacity to see?

Does the latest issue present a kind of self-reflexivity that makes us aware
    that it knows of its traditions? Is there a sense of history
        and context that is seen in the choice of works,
            ideas and designs incorporated into the issue?

Has there a post-postmodern way of looking
    at things in the determination of the details?

However, beyond this, what does the availability of five colors of the same signify?

Is the playing with form enough in order to continue the discussion?

It seems to me important to ask that, if plagiarism, then why the poetic line?

However, I now pose this question: if we are inviting critical commentaries
    on issues, what about the practitioners
        who know the history and context of writing?

Is it not fair to say, then, that educative function; through the work
    one does within the walls, one learns skills and ideas
        beyond one’s interests and preferences?

The question is, are the members familiar with these old ideas
    and the works that contain them? Is the exploration of tradition
        pursued in order to fashion the new that inevitably holds
            (whether one explores it or not) tradition at the heart of its origin?

What is all this writing and publishing for?

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