Since we’re talking collaborations, here’s a renga written between the very lovely Sasha & I. It was done purely through email but we did meet up after it was completed in order to give each other high fives & drink beer. This was written over a year ago but I still think it’s lovely.

We have the simplest pleasures, nestled among
the finest of things: grains of sand, for example,
or fruit. That which can be cupped in one hand,
and devoured that way, plumpened
with sheen and the press of palms.
Easily palmed, however, means easily lost.
Just as how we think simplicity is everywhere,
like sand accumulating in the corners you forget
to sweep, or peaches in a mildewed bowl.
Pluck one from the huddle of its neighbors,
raise it to the light — what skin? what weight?
what curve, its silhouette? Hold it in the palm
of your hand. Allow yourself to think of pain.


One thought on “TWWMTYGSTBS:

  1. Soft Floors says:

    […] more renga, here’s another I wrote with Gian long ago, one with Sasha, and a silly one with A. One that I wrote with JC Casimiro was published by Kritika […]

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