We have been traveling through the same area
roughly ten or so years now, and with adjustments

for the way you sometimes hesitate while walking
in order to adjust your hair underneath your hat,

or for the times we lay under separate trees
writing observations into separate books,

the truth is that we have been headed toward each other
for half our lives and everything we had read was secretly

part of the syllabi meant to prepare us for the test
that was each other. When I saw you I was ready to pretend

you were not the library I had wished for, and you said,
with your eyes, that we were going to play a game

that hadn’t been invented yet, in which all the books
we lend each other are returned with broken spines;

until today when I look at the shelves
I’m not sure which are mine.

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3 thoughts on “SMFDWLMSTWH:

  1. Carina says:


    I like how you make ‘syllabi’ sound less academic.

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