Did I wake you?
Where was the dream?
The end of the world. It was beautiful.
What was the end of the world?
We didn’t know it yet. There were polar bears everywhere,
And the robots weren’t fighting?
The robots weren’t fighting. I had superpowers; I swung from the girders of bridges.
And I built the trains that rumbled past. Paper trains.
I swung from the metal girders of bridges, and everybody had superpowers.
Everybody in the world?
Everybody in the city. We hung in the air and removed our shoes.
You removed your shoes.
And I ran through the air to the home of the family who adopted me.
And me.
You were never there.
I was the brother adopted with you. I saw in your face my future wife.
Even when the seas rose and caught fire, and the polar bears started eating each other, you were never there.
You were to be my future wife.
There was no future. It was the end of the world.
Was it beautiful?


Was it?

Was it?
You tell me.

You tell me. What did you see?
I saw you. You were the end of the world. I saw you coming toward me and I ran toward you, I leapt into the light.
And here we are.
Here we are.


One thought on “BTGTDMBBSFD:

  1. Carina says:

    I like this one, too.

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