Our Lady of Guadalupe

In light she appeared to Juan Diego,
       December 1531, outside Mexico City,
       & she asked of him that a church
        be built in her name.
To prove the human’s claim
        she bade him gather the flowers
        that covered Tepeyac Hill that morning,
        those bright miracles blooming
        against the winter cold.
He made a basket of his rough cloak,
        and her holy hands arranged the blooms.
Run, Diego, future saint, return to the city.
        Bear the burden of having witnessed
        something too beautiful to prove.
        Let fall the flowers from your tilma
        & reveal the painted image of Our Lady –
        angels at her feet and stars for her crown.
Like you, Lola, how you appeared to me too briefly
        in color & in perfume. To have laid my cheek
        against your cheek was a blessing,
        though I did not know it then.
        How could you bid me to go forth without you,
        how to bear witness to your name?
Bravely I gather all that I know of you into my arms,
        like so many flowers growing in the cold,
        & when I finally summon the strength
        to let go your sweet weight, I let you go gladly
        knowing you are painted holy on my hands,
        with angels at your feet, Lola,
        and there are stars in your hair.

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2 thoughts on “TPHTRTMGFTMC:

  1. Carina says:

    Love you. This is beautiful.

  2. Kat says:

    This is lovely, Petra.

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