Summer in Three Parts

I. The body remembers in reverse: the feet were once flippers,
the hand was a wing. Let it be enough that you place me on
a playground swing, and around us grow the necessary
flowers we have no mettle to name. The surprisingly tame
black dog bounds toward us, shreds of pink clinging to his
coat, and already your mouth is memorizing: bougainvillea,

II. Heat of the sidewalk, heat of the growing grass,
the girl’s neck as she lifts the heavy curtain of hair,
heat on the stones, her dark cheekbones,
her gilded stare.

III. Larkspur, poplar, jade bushes, santan. Honeysuckle,
camellia, ylang-ylang, and the rose. Douglas fir, red palms,
false palms, bamboo. Sycamore, sage, and acacia. We hold
our hands out to the light and wonder what we called each
other in easier times; before we could remember our own names,
we had named the world.

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4 thoughts on “WTHHCBCDBS:

  1. gian says:

    ganda nito!

    • softfloors says:

      putangina pare nagseselos ako sa ip address mo! haha. thanks, gian; big compliment coming from you.

  2. I’d really like to share this – but how should I acknowledge you? As Soft Floors or is there a name you’d prefer?

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