Taking this moment to point out a few people whose writing I admire!

Alice, part of the very impressive group of yuppie oversharers behind New Slang. She writes about music (and then some) over here. Jaton also writes for New Slang but he holds his own extremely well. Check out his nonfiction here.

Diego, who just graduated and is about to undertake huge adventures on his own. His musings on music are over here. He’s got some poetry and flash fiction in there too!

Sasha, long-legged and smart as a whip! Reads 350 books a day. Writes about them here.

Adam, culture junkie and komiks addict and all-around smarty-panty. Brilliant stuff over here.

There’s Jens Lekman, singer-songwriter and fifteenth sexiest man in Sweden. The smalltalk section of his website has some great photographs and little things worth turning over in your brain. Try digging a couple of years back. Feeling close ako, no?

Finally, my two favorite music blogs, which are complete opposites of each other: Cokemachineglow, which is highly technical and objective while remaining witty and brutal, and Saidthegramophone, which I dream of writing for someday.


2 thoughts on “PSA:

  1. tee says:

    awesome, need some new reading materials.

    (alice’s doesn’t work)

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