Because nothing stays in its place anymore, I dream of anchoring everything to its place with a few lengths of string. If I did this for my entire house — trailing yarn from my toothbrush to the bathroom mug, the spoons to the cutlery drawer, a flurry of strings all across my bookshelves — I would have filled this place with a million quiverings, taut or loose depending only on the small distance between any item and its proper location. If I did this for my entire house, nothing would ever be lost, and no one would ever move.

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3 thoughts on “BWDDMTTD:

  1. Wow. I found this site through your tumblr, would you mind if I posted this to along with a link? No worries if you’d rather I didn’t 🙂

  2. I have a screenshot of this and I made it my wallpaper for three weeks. Btw I love your poems. 🙂

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