Today I pass the time reading,
heavy feet, heavier lids; the book feels
like an afternoon alone, when the bougainvillea
is fading, big Indian trees with serrated leaves, bend
and flatten into pages and I forget for a moment,
I am reading. What of white pages, of language
flattened into ink? The east wind is trembling
in the green twigs; Today, everything
is passing the time leafing through the inside
of some book, someone is reading someone
else’s mouth move in the light, speaking
to a glass of water, cold sweat and slight colors
dripping down its neck, and I lift my hand to
the page but instead wipe away the water
from my eyes.

renga with gian. actually yesterday’s poem.

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One thought on “BTIHCFWMSPN:

  1. Soft Floors says:

    […] more renga, here’s another I wrote with Gian long ago, one with Sasha, and a silly one with A. One that I wrote with JC […]

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