The first time you let me into your room, I took inventory of all things seen and unseen:
the groaning bookshelves, the smell of heavy food, the slippers you discreetly nudged
underneath the bed because they were not yours, silver-banded, thickly-soled, feminine
slippers but good enough for rain, good enough for mud; you took me in your arms
and said I should dance for you someday, you put music on and the little white light,
but instead I went naked out to your balcony to smoke, listening to the crunchy banter
of construction workers below. I was thinking of the slippers, of the white design,
and the puddles she must have been well enough to step into instead of over; I must confess,
I was thinking of her feet.

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2 thoughts on “MISTMITPBIDCIASF:

  1. jc casimiro says:

    Gusto ko ang “tulang” ito. I like the last line. Muy bien!

  2. softfloors says:

    maraming salamat sa unnecessary quotation marks mo, jc. haha.

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